Demonstrative pronouns

 أسماء الإشارة

Demonstrative pronouns can both be used about things and soul-creature/human.

In Arabic there are the following:

  • Singular masculine:  ذا e.g.:
    • ذاك بيتي That is my house
    • هذا حصاني This is my horse.
  • Sing. fem.: on of  ذي or ذه e.g.:
    • هذه شجرة جميلة This is a beutiful tree.
    • ذي دجاجة كبيرة This hen is big.
  • Dual masc.:  ذان e.g.:
    • هذان رجلان كبيران There are two big men.
  • Dual fem.: تان 
    • هاتان قطتان جائعتان These are two hungry cats.
  • Pluralis: on of these: هؤلاء or أولاء
    • هؤلاء قادة المدينة These are leaders of the town.

Please notice:

  • Normally the demonstrative pronouns are used with هـ in the start e.g.هـذا.
  • Som times they got ك e.g.ذاك