Arabic verbs list

Arabic verbs: Read & Listen

A list with many Arabic verbs* with IPA, English translation and listening function.

1 Read, erase, concentrate 11 Hear, see, smell
2 Go, bend, pull 12 Wish, want, get
3 Travel, visit, reserve 13 Cough, itch, treat
4 Play, climb, tease 14 Injure, bite, rescue
5 Run, swim, lose 15 Sleep, dream, wake
6 Tell, meet, contact 16 Start, pause, stop
7 Agree, ban, obey 17 Search, find, monitor
8 Bring up, light, wear 18 Sow, produce, repair
9 Boil, bake, eat 19 Buy, earn, spill
10 Feel, miss, hate 20 Crime - Judicial system
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*Arabic verbs are in he-past conjugation.